I-502 – Can a business lawyer be your cannabis business lawyer?

I recently had the opportunity to attend another great legal seminar on the ever-changing landscape of the cannabis business here in Washington State. I attend educational workshops on this topic regularly, to stay informed and up to date on the issues, because several of my clients are holders of or applicants for I-502 licenses. It is a relatively new area of law, and the interpretation of the regulations continues to evolve, so it pays to have an attorney who stays current on the changes as they happen.

This most recent seminar was on the topic of employer rights and responsibilities in light of the passage of I-502. We learned that, now more than ever, it is vital for employers to explicitly state their substance usage policy in a written employee policy manual and to enforce those policies in a uniform fashion, in order to maintain compliance with state and federal law.

I have also had the pleasure of taking seminars on other topics related to I-502, including the history of cannabis law in Washington, as well as challenges faced by cannabis businesses. My belief is that a cannabis business should be formed on the same solid foundation as any other business, with added safeguards to account for the unique legal and accounting challenges that your business may face.

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