Estate Plans for ‘Non-Traditional’ Families

Estate plans for non-traditional families:

One of the most satisfying things I get to do as an attorney is to help families plan for a secure future for their loved ones through proper estate planning. This feeling of satisfaction is possibly even more intense when I get to help craft estate plans for non-traditional families with unique planning situations.

Many of our laws and the societal systems that support them are based on the idea and terminology of “husband and wife” as a unit. Today, though, families really are as unique as snowflakes, and each deserves to protect its assets.

Every Family is a Snowflake:

Same-sex, polyamorous, or unmarried couples weren’t considered in drafting traditional estate plans. You won’t find an out-of-the-box solution from an online legal service. But estate plans for non-traditional families are achievable.

A good estate plan can, and should, work to protect the future of any kind of family. Unique families demand unique planning solutions, rather than cookie-cutter forms and fill-in-the-blank wills and trusts.

One of my great joys as an attorney is helping families come up with unique tools to use in protecting their assets and their families for the future, such as:

  • wills
  • living trusts
  • special needs trusts
  • limited liability companies to protect assets when more than two adults are sharing assets in a household.

I love to discuss creative estate planning solutions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with Limitless Law if you are pondering a unique planning situation.