Your Doctor May Not Make House Calls, But Your Attorney Can

Historically, making “house calls” was the sign of a truly superior doctor. Now all manner of services – professional organizers, personal trainers, prepared gourmet meals and more – can be brought to us.

To accommodate clients’ busy lives, Limitless Law is pleased to do the same. We offer house calls to clients.

Some of my clients are seniors, who may no longer drive or simply do not wish to drive to my office. One client of mine suffered a stroke years ago and now uses a wheelchair for mobility. I visited him at his home to finish his estate, so he didn’t have to worry about navigating my office and transit. I have also assisted clients who were staying at the hospital and the local hospice who were too ill to come to my office to update their wills.

Other clients are busy businesspeople, who hardly have time to eat lunch let alone drop everything to come visit me. And why should they, when I can see my clients at their office?

I am proud to offer my clients mobile services (at no extra charge for appointments in town). As always, meeting are also available at my office, conveniently located just minutes from Bellingham’s downtown core. What’s more, Limitless Law can serve clients even far outside of the Bellingham, Wash., area via phone, email and videoconferencing.

Do you know someone who may need an attorney who makes house calls? Have them give me a call at Limitless Law, (360) 685-0145.