Continuing Education – Keeping Pace in a Fast-Paced World

Unless you’re living in some remote off-the-grid location, it’s readily apparent that our world is changing at a rapid pace. And the law must keep pace with these changes.

That’s why Limitless Law PLLC is committed to continuing our education on innovative legal news and cutting-edge technology so that we can better serve our clients, and provide them with the most up-to-date advice on their legal rights.

This year we have attended continuing education courses related to:

Cannabis-related business

Cannabis law in Washington state is in constant flux. For instance, this past year saw the merger of the recreational and medical cannabis industries. The changing status of the law with regard to cannabis-related (I-502) businesses will continue to evolve as this young industry grows. Limitless Law is committed to staying on top of these changes to better advise our clients, both those involved in the cannabis industry and others.

Same-sex marriage and how to protect your family’s rights

Many of my clients in the LGBTIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Asexual) community are very concerned about recent political and legal developments, and how those changes might affect their families and their rights. I have been representing queer clients and families for years, through the journey to domestic partnerships to marriage equality and beyond, and I am invested in ensuring the protection of my LGBT+ clients and their loved ones.

Exploitation of vulnerable adults 

Vulnerable adults include the elderly and disabled people. If used properly, estate planning can help prevent vulnerable people from being taken advantage of. This includes setting up special needs trusts to ensure disabled clients are cared for in the future. It can also include crafting powers of attorney to prevent abuse of vulnerable people who need others to help them handle their daily affairs.

Cyber Security for law firms 

To deliver the highest-quality, most convenient service to clients, I make sure my firm is using the most up-to-date technology and techniques to keep our clients’ information secure. In the wake of many recent security breaches on a major scale, I am constantly researching to ensure that I am utilizing the best and most secure encrypted technology, allowing my clients to access their data anywhere in the world, safely and securely.

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