Probate Basics Continued – Letters Testamentary

When you begin the probate process to handle a loved one’s affairs after they pass away, you might hear the term “letters testamentary.”  Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration is a document issued by the probate court to validate and confirm the personal representative or estate administrator as the person who is legally authorized to take responsibility and control of the deceased person’s assets.

Why do I need Letters Testamentary?

Letters Testamentary are important because they prove to banks and other parties that you are the legal representative of the deceased person’s estate. Generally, Letters Testamentary along with a death certificate are the two documents an executor will need to complete real estate transactions involving a deceased person’s property, as well as to complete financial transactions and transfer title to other assets that might be involved in an estate, such as vehicles, bank accounts or safety deposit boxes.

The only way to get Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration is by correctly filing for probate or estate administration with the court, by submitting a Petition and Oath of Executor, stating that you understand the duties and responsibilities of an executor and agree not to abuse those powers.

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