Updating Your Estate Plan During COVID-19

signing estate plan during COVID-19

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted many of our lives, in small and large ways, and many are rethinking their estate plan. Limitless Law can help.

As the weeks progress, we are facing a future that has undergone a major change from previous expectations. Updating your estate plan or getting started on your first one can provide some relief and sense of control during the uncertainty of this public health crises. Creating an estate plan lets you take some proactive steps to ensure you have a plan in place and that you’re prepared in the case of a future health crisis.

A basic estate plan consists of three major documents that will help with health and financial decisions in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. A Health Care Directive communicates your desires for medical treatment in the event you are unable to recover and unable to speak for yourself. A Power of Attorney ensures that you have someone who has the legal power to make medical and financial decisions for you if you are unavailable. A spouse or parent does not automatically have the legal right to make these decisions without this document. A Last Will and Testament ensures your loved ones receive the benefits of your legacy.

If you already have your estate planning documents in place, now may be a good time to review them to make sure that they still reflect your wishes and that your loved ones are aware of your plan. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all our lives in one way or another. Documenting your wishes in an estate plan can provide a sense of security and allow you to know your family has a roadmap for how to carry one in the future.

At Limitless Law, we are offering video and telephone consultation options to our clients in order to prioritize client safety during COVID-19. Our office will work with you to send drafts of your estate planning documents electronically. When an in-person signing is necessary, we have a large conference room for signings so that social distancing can be maintained, and the conference room is cleaned before and after each signing.  We have also conducted a few “drive by” signings, where clients stay in our parking lot or in their cars while we witness and notarize their documents.

You are welcome to call Limitless Law at 360-685-0145 to schedule a consultation if you have questions about updating your estate plan, or getting your plan done for the very first time. We’re here to help!