Category: Bankruptcy

In these challenging financial times, the law offers clients struggling with unmanageable debt situations a variety of tools to triumph over debt. Limitless Law PLLC can work with you to determine the right tools to use in your particular case: Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement and other debt counseling and advice are available.

Do you need to consider filing for bankruptcy?

Have you ever wondered if filing for bankruptcy might be a solution to your seemingly endless financial woes? Bankruptcy can and does happen to really good people who find themselves in a bad situation. Don’t feel guilty or alone if you think you might fall into this category. In fact, since the Great Recession the [..]

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Can Bankruptcy Help With My DUI or Speeding Tickets?

Unfortunately, car accidents often result in more than just a broken tail light or dented bumper. The consequences of a motor vehicle accident, or even racking up too many tickets for speeding or driving with a suspended license, can often be financially devastating. Car accident damage might be covered by insurance (if you even have [..]

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