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What is Probate, Anyway?

Probate is the legal process for handling the affairs of a person after they pass away. While this is understandably an emotionally difficult process for the loved ones of someone who has passed, thankfully the probate process in Washington State is a fairly simple one. Probate involves opening an estate to gather and divide your [..]

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Probate Basics Continued – Letters Testamentary

When you begin the probate process to handle a loved one’s affairs after they pass away, you might hear the term “letters testamentary.”  Letters Testamentary or Letters of Administration is a document issued by the probate court to validate and confirm the personal representative or estate administrator as the person who is legally authorized to [..]

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How to Open a Washington State Probate

To start the probate process, an executor needs to file several different documents. These documents include: a Death Certificate, an Original Will (if there is one), Oath of Executor, Petition for Probate, and a Proposed Order to Open Probate. Some of these documents might be slightly different if your loved one did not have a [..]

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