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Human hand checking the checklist boxesAs an aspiring or established businessperson, you are great at what you do. Let Limitless Law PLLC do what we do best and provide your company with sound business legal advice and solid legal documents for your business. Whether you need help deciding which legal format to choose for your new business (Corporation vs. LLC vs. Partnership) or ongoing legal support to keep your company going strong, we are here for you.

  • Advice Regarding Business Forms
  • Asset Transfers
  • Commercial Loans and Financing
  • Contract Review and Drafting
  • Formation of Business Entities, including Corporation, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships, Non-Profits and Co-Operatives
  • Mergers
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Company Dissolutions and Bankruptcies


“I had a rough start in my small business and encountered a minor legal issue that was becoming more of a nuisance than anything. Emily took the time to listen to my plight, and kept my seemingly simple situation just that… Simple! A resolution was quickly reached, and life went on. From the friendly staff to Emily’s no-pressure demeanor, I actually enjoyed my visit to her office! Going forward, I will certainly use Emily’s services for any legal matters that may (heaven forbid) pop up. Thanks Emily!”

– Ross


“I needed help forming an LLC. I reached out to Emily via email and she was very fast to respond – I believe I had an appointment within a week and my LLC was formed shortly thereafter. She answered all of my questions and made the process very easy to understand. I will definitely use Emily for future needs!”

– Sommer Crock


“Emily is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She helped me set up my first business venture. She really listens to my concerns and calmly addresses them. She is very thorough and makes sure that no detail is missed. She is very personable and I feel cared for and confident when working with her. I highly recommend Emily. She is an excellent lawyer and a wonderful human.” – Mary a business client

“Emily is an excellent attorney and does a great job explaining the complexities of business law and contract law to small business owners like myself.  She is always a pleasure to work with I highly recommend Limitless Law.”

– Matt Agnini


“I have worked with Emily several times for my small business and I really appreciate how personable she is. All of the work was time sensitive, and was handled promptly and efficiently.” – Dawn Lee


“I consulted Emily about a legal issue for my business. I took forms that I head been using. She quickly emailed me with the necessary changes, and why they were needed. She was very thorough and sought to understand my needs. I highly recommend her services.”

-Marie Matteson


“Emily was the first lawyer that I ever worked with, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Fortunately for me, Emily is very personable in her demeanor. She patiently answered all of my questions regarding collections options for my business. I enjoyed working with her, and gladly recommend her services.”

–Tyler Hamilton


“I manage a small business and have turned to Limitless Law for several legal matters.  Emily Mowrey is extremely professional and has thorough knowledge of the law. In the past I’ve worked with attorneys where you are just number.  This is not the case with Emily. She treats her clients with respect and educates them through the entire process.”

-Jeremy Hendren


“If you own a small business you should definitely schedule a consultation with Emily. STAT! Emily Rose is personable, professional and maintains an impressive legal acumen which is evident through her work… … she thought of things we never even considered! Thank you, Emily Rose, for helping us cover all our bases! Thank you Limitless Law!”

– Megan Welsh


“Emily helped us craft some amazing new proposals that have more teeth to them. She helped our small business grow up by working on some necessary restructuring. We are excited to have her on our side when it comes to the law. Thanks for helping out Emily!”

-Kris Aguero 


“We had Emily draft up some business contracts. She took the time to create contracts that fits our needs. Very responsive and easy to talk to. If you have the chance to use her services, you will be very pleased. Thanks Emily!”

– Brandon of Stapleton Construction


“I worked with Emily to file all the paperwork for my new PLLC. It was great to have someone in my corner who’s so familiar with business law! I’m not local to where her offices are, but we were able to communicate well via phone, email, and the web portal.”

– Mary


“Emily worked with me as I started to build my business from the ground up. She was an invaluable resource when it came to creating forms and managing the challenges of on-boarding employees. She is always responsive and truly cares about her clients.”

– Josh


“I was looking for a lawyer who could act as my registered agent for my new LLC and I am happy to have chosen Emily, she was lovely and provided clear information and the whole process was very smooth. Very happy to have her take care of my legal business needs from now on.”



“Emily was quick to respond to all messages and Emails and handled things in a very timely manner. Very clear on her explanations and made the process of starting a new LLC very easy for us. Thanks Emily, I highly recommend Emily to anyone!”

– Bryce, a business client


“Emily is great in person and on the phone. She is great making suggestions on how to develop your company and has a good network of resources for new business owners, like me, to work with in the community.”

– Terry


“Emily Rose Mowrey assisted me in crafting contracts that I can use in my freelance business. Knowing that my contracts are accurate and complete provides me with great peace of mind. Emily is knowledgeable, professional and does an excellent job in making legal concepts relatable. Emily has not only helped me but also assisted family and friends with legal issues including debt forgiveness and business dissolution. They, too, were pleased with the advice and service they received from her.”

– Hilary


“Emily’s expertise was very welcome when it came time for me to make some changes to my business. She took care of every detail and kept me informed along the way. Thank you Emily for helping me navigate through this change.”

– Cathleen


“Emily is such a valuable asset to have as part of your “team”. She has clarified solidified our contracts for our clients as well as been there to answer our questions and address our concerns with the restructuring of our 3 businesses.”

– Radley


“Emily completed my LLC documents quickly and spent the time needed answering my questions. She is highly knowledgeable and efficient. I love her online case file so I can go on at any point and look at documents and upcoming appointments. I would highly recommend Emily for your estate and business needs. She has helped me with both!”

– Traci


“I had Emily review our contract, and she showed me how many loopholes were in it. She helped me tighten it all up, and I could not be happier! I highly recommend her!”

– Brian Hardy


“We are fortunate here in Bellingham to have an attorney such as Emily to call upon when a fast response is necessary. Her experience both in contractual and business law saved us time and money. We recommend her highly.”

– Douglas


“I have worked with Emily for both my personal legal needs, and my professional ones. As a small business owner, I have lots of legal questions (for which she always has legal answers), and some pretty specific needs. Emily has always taken good care of me and my business. One of her strongest assets is her ability to communicate with her clients in a straightforward, informative, and non-threatening manner. I have worked with other attorneys in the past who were unable to communicate at a level that made me comfortable with their recommendations, or unable to understand their advice. I am happy to report that I have never felt that way while working with Emily.”

– Ezra


“It is true that Emily is very knowledgeable, but she brings with her a wealth of experience and wisdom that has served my company well. She is easy to talk to and willing to meet the unusually difficult demands of this physician’s schedule. Most importantly, she knows her limits – if there is something she needs to research or maybe is unable to do, she will admit it and make recommendations for referral. I am so glad Emily is on my side!”

– Brenden


“I have recently used Emily for two small jobs. They were a simple “permission” document and a contract review. In both cases she promptly took care of the job. She provided a simple, easy to read form and clearly explained the relevant details, including the options that I had with regards to the contract. So, if you are looking for an attorney that quickly responds to your case, presents you with suitable documents that aren’t drowning you in legal-ese, and can clearly explain the situation to you… Then I highly recommend that you have a meeting with Emily.”

– Michael


“Emily helped me improve the legal strength of a liability waiver I use with my clients. She was able to look at what I already had, review it, and spot any holes. She was able to see where my legal contract was weak, and improve it greatly. She thought of clauses that I hadn’t addressed. This allows me to sleep soundly at night, knowing that any gaps in my liability waiver have been addressed. Thanks, Emily! I will recommend you to friends and business associates who may need your services.”

– Bryan


“I appreciate Emily. I am not very comfortable with legal matters, they intimidate me very much. Emily made the process of starting a business somehow less confusing. She handled it all, and I am grateful. I would recommend Emily Rose Mowrey to anyone how is afraid they won’t get treated with respect and good humor from other legal firms.”

– Jason

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