iStock_000024989870SmallThe loss of a loved one is a difficult time.  Probate is the process through which the estate of someone who has passed away is administered and their property is distributed according to the law and the person’s wishes as expressed in their estate plan, if they chose to create one. Limitless Law PLLC works hard to make the probate process easy to understand and manage.

While each estate presents its own unique challenges based on the nature of the deceased’s family, most involve the following steps:

    • Filing a Petition for Probate with the Court to open an Estate and appoint a Personal Representative or Administrator (executor)
    • Providing Notice to Heirs of the Estate
    • Inventorying and Evaluating the assets and debts of the Estate
    • Payment of the Estate debts and Taxes
    • Distribution of the Estate Assets

We also have the experience to help you with alternatives to the probate process, including Lack of Probate Affidavits and Small Estate Affidavits, in cases where probate is not needed.


“I enlisted Emily’s help as I thought I needed to probate a will. She, however, explained another option and guided me through a simplified process that she was able to complete very quickly and efficiently. I was so grateful for her knowledge and expertise as well as her warm and kindly manner. I will

definitely call on her any time legal issues arise in the future.”



“Emily was always easy to reach and quick to reply. She helped close probate after a bad experience with another attorney. I feel that Emily is knowledgeable and will do the job to the best of her ability. I have complete confidence in her.”

– Madonna


“Emily responded quickly and efficiently to my requests for legal assistance. I live in Los Angeles and I need help with Probate from long distance. Every question I have asked has been immediately tended to, every phone call answered. This is very comforting when you are far away and just lost your beloved Dad.”

– Elizabeth


“I could never imagine that I would need a lawyer to protect my interests. When my father died, I found myself floundering. There were so many issues to deal with; deeds, liens, and other family members to name a few. Emily took the time to go over my options, and explained things to me in a way I was able to understand. She successfully got things done, and in a in a timely manner, too. I felt taken care of, and relieved to have found such a wonderful lawyer.”

– Pippa


“Emily assisted me with some complex issues involving my late father’s probate. I hired her after another lawyer failed to resolve the matter to my satisfaction. Since then, Emily has been completely responsive to my needs and questions, helping me to better understand my legal position while also protecting my rights. She is smart, savvy and not afraid to say ‘I don’t know the answer, but let me look into it and get back to you’ which I respect greatly. I can always rely on Emily for honest advice and fast return phone calls or emails. I have found my new go-to attorney and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer!”

– Charles Kirk


“I consulted with, then hired Emily Rose to help with an Estate matter. She did everything as expected, quickly and efficiently. She also made me feel very comfortable with the whole process, which was unexpected.”

– Nancy


“Emily was exceptionally prompt and helpful when I reached out regarding an international estate question.  She helped put me on the right track and gave me a good referral, since the assistance I needed could not have been done by a Washington State attorney.  I look forward to utilizing her in the future for any legal and estate support I may need.”

– Dr. Jenna Jorgensen