Washington State Now Has Virtual, Remote Notaries

Did you know that Washington State recently became the ninth state to allow for online, remote notarization of legal documents?  Originally, the online remote notarization authorization was meant to take effect in October 2020, but Washington State’s governor put the new law into effect early, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting increased need for remote, virtual notarization.

Currently-licensed notary publics can now apply for an additional electronic notary supplement to their existing license.  To provide remote notary services, each notary must select a tamper-evident/password protected software to perform virtual notarial acts.  Virtual notaries must still verify the identity of each person whose signature they are verifying at the time of signing.

With proper identity verification, a virtual notary can remotely notarize your document, complete with electronic signature and stamp and with the same legal effect as if the signing took place in person. In order for the remote notarization to happen, the notary must also be able to see and hear you as you sign your document, (i.e. through Skype, Zoom, or Facetime).

Notarizing is often a necessary part of making sure your legal documents are enforceable in the State of Washington. If you have questions about the legal changes that have come up during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Limitless Law PLLC is here to help!  Our office can be reached at 360-685-0145.