Bankruptcy/Debt Settlement

Bankruptcy/Debt SettlementIn these challenging financial times, the law offers clients struggling with unmanageable debt situations a variety of tools to triumph over debt.  Limitless Law PLLC can work with you to determine the right tools to use in your particular case: Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement and other debt counseling and advice are available.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most commonly known type of bankruptcy, sometimes called a clean slate bankruptcy. A chapter 7 bankruptcy can be filed by an individual or a married couple and can wipe out most types of debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy however, has some strict asset limits to prevent those who could otherwise pay their debts escape from their responsibilities. Additionally, bankruptcy can only be filed once every eight years and only addresses the debt acquired before the date of filing. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also be filed by an individual or a married couple but involves a court controlled payment plan over a period of three or more years. Chapter 13 bankruptcies allow debtors to file for bankruptcy on their debts while keeping certain assets, such as a home with high equity, which they would forfeit under a chapter 7 bankruptcy. A chapter 13 bankruptcy also allows the debtor to bankrupt certain debts, including traffic tickets and DUI fines which cannot be cleared by a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Debt settlement unlike bankruptcy is typically handled without filing with a court and has no time or asset limits for filing against multiple creditors. Additionally, debt settlement does not require the closing of all other debts like a bankruptcy does. Our office can help negotiate with the creditor or collection agency on your behalf to work on a settlement sum to alleviate your debt. Debt settlement is a good option for unsecured debt that you cannot pay completely off but could pay some of.

For an initial consult on either debt settlement or the best type of bankruptcy for your circumstance please submit your information to us on our bankruptcy questionnaire.

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“Emily was very helpful every step of the way through the Bankruptcy process, she answered all my questions very quickly and effectively. It was so much easier then I imagined. I have already recommended her and this process to a friend. It is such a relief not having all this debt looming over my head. Now I can move forward in life and work towards goals like saving for a house and my son’s future.”

– Tia

“I am thankful that I chose Emily to represent me in my legal debt settlement. I recently received a court date for a debt from 8 years ago, and was discouraged at the notion of having to pay the accrued interest. Also, the idea of having to go to court was overwhelming. Thankfully, I contacted Emily to assist me in a settlement, and the case was settled in less than two weeks for an amount that I could afford without suffering financial distress. Emily is a gifted attorney. Not only is she professional and efficient, but also, she maintains a kind and respectful manner that puts her client at ease. What a relief to have her represent me in my legal challenges. I highly recommend Emily as an attorney.”

– Alissa

“Emily helped make my bankruptcy easy. I put myself in a very tough situation and she was able to advise (without judgement), all options and recommended financial solutions. Turns out, bankruptcy was best for me. This process could’ve been very scary and overwhelming, but Emily was available every moment. She even made herself available when every other business was shut down due to snow!

In my past, I have worked in a few different law firms. Naturally, because of my “law firm” experience, I had preconceived ideas about what my first meeting would look like. I was so pleasantly surprised to find a real person, who happened to be an attorney. I was instantly comforted and knew I had made the correct decision. Not only did she make me feel “ok” about my decision to declare bankruptcy, but she also spoke to me like a friend. She is truly one of a kind!

I could not offer a higher recommendation for anyone looking for services Emily offers.”

– An anonymous bankruptcy client

Emily helped my husband and I with our bankruptcy. She was always available to answer our questions. If she didn’t know something, she did the research and got back to us asap. I would definitely recommend Emily to my friends and family.”

– Marion

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