Estate Planning

While thinking about end-of-life issues can bring up a variety of feelings and anxieties, at Limitless Law PLLC, we prefer to think of estate planning as helping clients to take care of their families and property in the future through proper planning.  We’re here to help you design an estate plan that is custom-made for your specific situation.

  • Wills and Trusts, including living trusts and special needs trustsiStock_000016555208Small
  • Community property agreements
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Living wills/physician’s directives
  • Prenuptial agreements

If you are in need of a Will or Power of Attorney our office will take the time to explain the roles and powers of the positions of your attorneys-in-fact, personal representatives, trustees, and other fiduciaries which will allow you to make the important decision on who you should select for these positions.

An estate plan or updating an existing one with an attorney may be appropriate if you have:

  • Minor children
  • A blended family
  • Moved to Washington from another state or country

If you need help or advice on completing or updating your estate plan, we’re ready to help!



“I tried to see three other lawyers before Ms. Mowrey. One was a bit condescending, one had to change the appointment date, and one seemed a bit miffed that I went to the office. I didn’t know the policy for meeting with a lawyer. However, Ms. Mowrey got in contact with me the day I called, scheduled her appointment, gave me her fees, and we met. She was very clear about my three options for what I wanted to do and gave suggestions. She did her job and life is good. My parents were also impressed and will be using her for updating their will.”



“I went to Emily not knowing anything about making my will. I had tried to do one online but was skeptical about it being adequate. Emily went over everything, explaining each section very clearly. She suggestion better ways of stating my desired wishes leaving the decision up to me. In the end, I was very comfortable with the will and how she handled the entire matter. I left feeling as if I had met a new friend. Truly satisfied.”

– Ruth


“Had put off having a will written up, thinking it would be so difficult and stressful. I feel so fortunate Emily has taken care of this for me “painlessly” and quickly too. She also created my Health Care Directive and PoA. It’s such a relief to get this done by someone I feel I can trust. Communication was easy and it all went very smoothly. I very highly recommend Emily Mowrey of Limitless law.”

– Bonnie


“I turned to Emily for help with estate and health care planning documents. She was very patient as I chased down the information I needed. She took the time to explain everything simply and carefully so I could understand and feel confident that my choices are clear and will be honored. I highly recommend her for estate planning.” 

– Rebecca


“Emily is professional, efficient, considerate, and welcoming. She is very helpful in her questioning us as we make our decisions on what we want in our wills and health care directives. The staff was very professional and friendly as well.”

– Sandy


“We put off creating a will for years because we thought it would be a complicated and time-consuming process.  With Emily, it was the complete opposite. Emily is thoughtful, professional and efficient.”

– Lynn


“We chose Ms. Mowrey to update our 1992 estate plan for the 21st century. She advised which documents needed no changes and updated those which had become outdated, answering our questions throughout the process. It’s a simple task for someone who knows what they’re doing (and she does), but critical to get it right since we hope these documents won’t be needed for decades to come.”

– Mark


“Emily was excellent in every respect. She helped execute a full estate plan for my wife and I (Will, Healthcare directive, Power of Attorney and POA for Healthcare). Throughout the experience, including prior to the initial meeting, she was communicative about the details of the process. Once in initial consultation, she was attentive to our concerns and wishes, asked detailed and thorough questions, and was exceedingly professional. Each interaction with her was followed up with in a good level of detail, with Emily always making herself available to answer further questions. And on the off chance that my wife and I forgot to contact her with necessary information, she would email polite reminders asking for the materials on a reasonable timescale.”

– Matt


“In our initial telephone interview, Ms. Mowrey approached my request for help in a very courteous, positive way, with obvious knowledge of what needed to be done. Unlike the first attorney I approached, she inspired confidence by not trying to make the problem more complex than it was. The fact that she charged a flat fee for this fairly straightforward matter was also a very big plus. I also very much appreciated her prompt responses in keeping me up to date and presented choices in how I would like to handle the necessary correspondence with my estate lawyer. Would not hesitate to recommend her.”

– Phyllis


“Emily is a professional woman with a succinct approach. I appreciate the fact that Emily made sure that my elderly mother was fairly represented. Emily has a solid sense of justice in my opinion and goes the extra mile to present an impeccable legal document. I especially appreciate my online file that keeps my documents at my disposal while private at the same time.”

– Sally


“After receiving an unexpected turn in health status, it became imperative to get all legal documents updated before a second surgery. The last legal documents we had done were in Oregon in 2007! My partner and I married in Washington in 2013. Sold our Oregon home in 2013. Bought a home and moved to Washington in mid-2014. Lots of changes for sure. Lots of updating needed. We didn’t have the Community Property Agreement available in Oregon. It is a great benefit for spouses to have everything set up in titles, deeds, bank accounts, insurance, etc so nothing has to go to probate for everything to seamlessly transfer to surviving spouse. Community Property Agreement…done. We had a will made for situation for transfer of everything to adult children when we both pass. Wills…done. Powers of Durable Attorney…done. Health Directive/Advanced Planning …done. Emily was informative, explained everything, answered every question. She got the documents completed even when losing a work day to a National Holiday. The day before my 2nd surgery, we went to the office and had everything signed, witnessed, and notarized. It was a tremendous relief. Emily gets my highest recommendation and my grateful thanks for a job well done.”

– Linda


“My husband and I met with Emily last year to revise our will (which was about 13 or 14 years old). She helped us to understand all the documents that would be involved, and she answered all the questions we had in a clear and concise manner. At our end, we procrastinated on determining the “who gets what” portion of our will — and Emily gently prodded and reminded us to keep working on it. Emily is very knowledgeable about estate planning (and many other legal subjects), and she did an excellent job of laying out the process for us and explaining things. I’m glad to report that we not only determined “who would get what,” etc., when we’re gone, but Emily also had associates in her office who could be witnesses for the signing of our will, powers of attorney, and other related documents. We are thrilled with Emily’s help and support and look forward to working with her in the future on any other issues that may come up.” -Christine


“Talking about wills and medical directives is not something I was excited about doing, but I knew it needed to be done and working with Emily actually made it an enjoyable experience. She is completely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand….and she is funny! This made the whole process entertaining and not feel so scary. If you need a lawyer, Emily is certainly a gem! I never thought I was one to say, “MY attorney said” or “let me check with MY attorney”, but I am so glad now to call Emily my attorney!” – Traci


“I have retained Ms. Mowrey for such work as a prenuptial agreement and a will. She is not only efficient and very meticulous in these areas, but also very adept at foreseeing the ramifications of choices made in both documents. I now consider her my most trusted adviser for legal needs, and I always go to her first. Definitely top-notch legal work.” – Sean


“Emily helped me with my estate documents. I had no idea where to start or what was even required for a Power of Attorney or Health Directive and, let me tell you, it is great to have a lawyer who will thoughtfully guide you step by step through the process and show you all the options available. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal advice.” – Katherine


“Emily was great to work with. She answered all the questions we had about preparing our estate planning documents and listened to what worked best for us. The process was all very quick and easy. I was grateful she encouraged us to get it done quickly so we didn’t have to spend time thinking about it anymore!” – Lara


“Emily was great at working with my mother in law and patient in answering all of her questions for her estate planning needs. We received good advice and have chosen to work with Emily for other legal issues as well.” – Dan

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