Real Estate

Buying, selling or leasing real estate can be an exciting (and challenging) experience!  It pays to have legal counsel experienced in real estate law on your side during the process.  Limitless Law PLLC would be happy to help you with your commercial or residential real estate matters.

  • Commercial and Residential Purchase and Sale AgreementsiStock_000011582276Small
  • Real Estate Loans and Financing: review of contracts, drafting private deeds of trust and promissory notes
  • Personal or Business Leases
  • Rent-to-Own Contracts, Owner Contracts and Seller Financing
  • Landlord-Tenant Matters: drafting leases, advising landlords on eviction
  • Easements
  • Foreclosures
  • Deeds and Property Transfers (for gifts or sale of real estate)
  • Co-Tenancy and Joint Ownership Agreements for Property


How is working with a real estate attorney different than working with a real estate broker or agent?

Unlike a real estate agent or broker, a real estate attorney is not limited to completing ready-made forms. An attorney is able to draft a contract specifically tailored to your situation and desired terms of sale. Unlike a Real Estate Agent or Broker we can answer any legal question you may have about the terms of your contract or your legal rights and obligations. Only an attorney can make an accurate judgment and provide you with legal advice on your contract. A real estate agent has a vested interest in closing the deal, and it is possible for a realtor to claim to represent both the buyer and seller’s best interests at the same time. An attorney’s only interest is in protecting their client. An attorney wants what is best for their client, even if that means getting out of a contract or not closing on a sale.

We can help with your real estate transaction regardless of whether you are using a real estate agent. We can help buyers and sellers negotiate and close on both simple real estate contracts and complex leases and easements. We can also help prepare the specific documents required by law to record a change in real estate ownership.

“I have hired Emily on multiple occasions to represent both myself and clients on real estate matters. She is friendly, professional, and prompt. Emily is easy to communicate with and I would recommend her unconditionally!”

– Allison


“Emily was friendly and thorough in our consultation. We came with half-baked ideas and left with a comprehensive plan. We will be using her services in the future!”



“Emily did great for us. We made a very last-minute request to review a commercial property lease and she accommodated our needs even though it required her to accomplish this over her lunch.”

– a real estate client


“I found Emily online I was looking for someone who could help with a transfer of property in Washington State and Emily helped me out. She was very good at communicating through email and the price she charged was more than fair. I would use her again if I ever need legal advice.”

– Mark


“My family presented Emily with an unusually complicated real estate transaction. She took it in stride and calmed our nerves and produced a solution we hadn’t even imagined.”

– Betty


Emily has all the qualities I look for in a professional. She is very experienced, will find answers she doesn’t know the answer to and knows when to refer out to someone else. I know her on a personal level and know that she has her client’s best interest at heart and runs her business with integrity. I am also consistently impressed by her communication. Whether I have a question I need help with or am sending her a referral, she is very prompt in returning the communication. She’s professional in how she communicates with clients and is well-spoken both in one-on-one and group settings. I’d say her strongest quality is the fact that even though she is so knowledgeable about real estate, she is still incredibly great at boiling it down so it’s easy to understand.”

– Nicole