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Best of the NorthwestWe are a mobile, accessible and modern law firm that utilizes innovative technology to make our services available to you quickly, securely, and on the go. We utilize a client portal system similar to a doctor’s office to make sure you have convenient access to your secure legal documents whenever you are connected to the internet. You can send us information securely and access your legal documents 24/7 via our secure client portal. When you hire us, you have our full focus, we get your project done on an agreed timeline. If you want to check in you can easily do so through the messaging feature of your client portal, this will also let you leave comments and edits for your documents. Some documents can even be signed by electronic signature. Payments can also be made through the portal.

You will never wait months for an invoice and then feel sticker shock at the price. Our office will work with you before we begin your project to agree on a price and, if needed, work out a payment plan. Our office sends out invoices on the same day every month and each statement will contain an itemized listing of the legal services you are paying for. There won’t be any hidden fees or nickel and diming on your projects.

We do not have a set “price list” for our services available because each client has unique needs and circumstances, however we do strive for transparency in our billing practices. As such each invoice our clients receive have an itemized detail of the legal services rendered. We also try to offer many of our services on a flat rate basis. Flat fee rates mean our firm is incentivized to spend our time rather than your money on resolving your legal problems and completing your project in a timely manner. The amount of each flat fee is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on your unique legal needs, the number of expected hours, complexity, and novelty of your project. The amount and the scope of our representation will be agreed upon and will be detailed in the engagement agreement you sign if you hire us.

Some of the projects we offer at a package or flat rate include:

  • Estate Planning
  • Lease Drafting and Review
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Business Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Transfer on Death Deeds
  • Business Creation
  • Real Estate Transactions


“Everyone wants to know that their attorney is dedicated to doing the very best they can for their clients, and at Limitless Law that has never been in doubt. Emily Rose Mowrey LOVES what she does, and it’s easy to see it when you talk with her. She is absolutely committed to making sure that clients get all the help they need. No matter their legal question she is determined to give them a legal answer.”

-Spencer Cassar

“Emily is AWESOME! Very prompt and to the point. She is very knowledgeable and keeps it simple. I love her!!!”

-Sara Greenleaf

“I have just begun working with Emily, but I find her to be easy to work with. She is approachable and smart. I like to find competent women to work with, as it feels collaborative and safe. Emily certainly has a good grasp of the law and I feel like I am in good hands”


“Emily is a highly intelligent, very personable professional to work with. She is a very down to earth and clear communicator. I highly recommend her.”

-Jeremy Ferrera

“Knowledgeable and courteous. Highly recommended for the Bellingham area!”

-Marcus Knapp

“Emily from the start has been a blessing to work with. Her mixture of knowledge, leadership, and provocativeness has allowed me to get through tough times quickly and efficiently. She truly looks at every detail making you not only feel but most importantly, know you’re going to be taken care of. Thank you Emily!”

– Darrell

“I came to Emily with a time sensitive request, something that was important, necessary and also had an emotional component to it. Emily was extremely professional and courteous, answering any and all questions that came up. I did not feel rushed or looked down upon, despite my lack of knowledge and all together jumbled mind at the time. Emily truly knows what she’s talking about and probably what I admire most about her is her integrity. I feel completely confident in Emily’s ability and am thankful for the chance to work with her. If and when a legal need arises again, I will without hesitation contact her. I would recommend her to everyone.”


“I have worked with Emily for both my personal legal needs, and my professional ones. As a small business owner I have lots of legal questions (for which she always has legal answers), and some pretty specific needs. Emily has always taken good care of me and my business. One of her strongest assets is her ability to communicate with her clients in a straightforward, informative, and non-threatening manner. I have worked with other attorneys in the past who were unable to communicate at a level that made me comfortable with their recommendations, or unable to understand their advice. I am happy to report that I have never felt that way while working with Emily.”

– Ezra

“Emily took over my case when I was having a hard time with another attorney. She was systematic at explaining the details and supportive while going through my case. I would recommend her to anyone who needs her expertise. She is flexible, accommodating and extremely professional.”

– Sheila

“Emily is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She helped me set up my first business venture. She really listens to my concerns and calmly addresses them. She is very thorough and makes sure that no detail is missed. She is very personable and I feel cared for and confident when working with her. I highly recommend Emily. She is an excellent lawyer and a wonderful human.”

– Mary

“We are fortunate here in Bellingham to have an attorney such as Emily to call upon when a fast response is necessary. Her experience both in contractual and business law saved us time and money. We recommend her highly.”

– Douglas

“I could never imagine that I would need a lawyer to protect my interests. When my father died, I found myself floundering. There were so many issues to deal with; deeds, liens, and other family members to name a few. Emily took the time to go over my options, and explained things to me in a way I was able to understand. She successfully got things done, and in a in a timely manner, too. I felt taken care of, and relieved to have found such a wonderful lawyer.”

– Pippa

“In our initial telephone interview, Ms. Mowrey approached my request for help in a very courteous, positive way, with obvious knowledge of what needed to be done. Unlike the first attorney I approached, she inspired confidence by not trying to make the problem more complex than it was. The fact that she charged a flat fee for this fairly straightforward matter, was also a very big plus. I also very much appreciated her prompt responses in keeping me up to date and presented choices in how I would like to handle the necessary correspondence with my estate lawyer. Would not hesitate to recommend her.”

– Phyllis

“Emily helped me improve the legal strength of a liability waiver I use with my clients. She was able to look at what I already had, review it, and spot any holes. She was able to see where my legal contract was weak, and improve it greatly. She thought of clauses that I hadn’t addressed. This allows me to sleep soundly at night, knowing that any gaps in my liability waiver have been addressed.

– Anonymous

Thanks, Emily! I will recommend you to friends and business associates who may need your services.”

– Bryan

“Talking about wills and medical directives is not something I was excited about doing, but I knew it needed to be done and working with Emily actually made it an enjoyable experience. She is completely knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that is easy to understand….and she is funny! This made the whole process entertaining and not feel so scary. If you need a lawyer, Emily is certainly a gem! I never thought I was one to say, “MY attorney said” or “let me check with MY attorney”, but I am so glad now to call Emily my attorney!”

– Traci

“I have retained Ms. Mowrey for such work as a prenuptial agreement and a will. She is not only efficient and very meticulous in these areas, but also very adept at foreseeing the ramifications of choices made in both documents. I now consider her my most trusted adviser for legal needs, and I always go to her first. Definitely top-notch legal work.”

– Seán

“Emily was professional, prompt and thorough. She answered all questions that I posed. She has excellent listening skills and incorporated each item I requested in the documents. She is forward thinking and brought things to my attention that I should be prepared for. Her response time was quick. I will be using Emily again for all future needs.”

– Elizabeth

“Emily has been completely responsive to my needs and questions, helping me to better understand my legal position while also protecting my rights…I can always rely on Emily for honest advice and fast return phone calls or emails. I have found my new go-to attorney and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone in need of a lawyer!”

– Charles

“I had no idea where to start…it is great to have a lawyer who will thoughtfully guide you step by step through the process and show you all the options available. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal advice.”

– Katherine

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