Funeral Rites (and Rights) – Do You Know Yours?

Have you considered your wishes for funeral – and made them known in your will?

The death of a loved one is a difficult time that often requires those who are burdened by grief to make some big decisions. Making sure you have a solid estate plan in place means being able to provide your loved ones with some direction and comfort at that challenging moment. While it’s not easy to think about what your funeral will look like, it can be an important part of your estate plan.

You have the right to make certain decisions in advance regarding your final arrangements, including whether you’d like to donate your organs, contribute your body to the advancement of medical science, or be buried or cremated.

Without written direction from you on your preferences for burial vs. cremation or some other alternative, your family may be left to guess what you would have liked – or worse yet, to fight over what you would have wanted.

Including written instructions, or at least having a frank conversation with your loved ones, as to your desires for the disposition of your remains when you pass allows for there to be less confusion and division between your loved ones while they try and work through the grieving process. If you are considering drafting a Will or Health Care Directive, consider also including instructions for your loved ones about your desires for your final resting place.

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